Oct 2013

Failing to learn

Yesterday @TraumaGasDoc posted an incredibly powerful story, Wrongfooted, of a sequence of events that culminated in operating on a patient’s wrong foot. It is a must-read and I pay tribute to him and his medical director for publishing it here. Clearly it struck a nerve and over 5,000 people visited the page within 24 hours. Read More...

Two jobs

Two (& a half) jobs: doing too much?

If you don’t already know, I’m a consultant surgeon and Medical Director of my trust. These are both important and potentially stressful roles but I love them both. One could make a case that both of these roles could and should be near full-time.
As part of the revalidation for doctors, Responsible Officers can’t be appraised internally. I have appraised six other Medical Directors/ROs. For each of them, having enough time to fulfil all their various duties was a very important and pressing issue, so I am not alone in finding time-management a problem. Read More...
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